Software Integration in Retail

We at Belton Technolab has good command over developing right software for niche specific in retail sector. Our team has developed such applications with utmost accuracy. They have in-built algorithms to automate inventory management, sales, barcoding, analysis, reporting, and alerts.

It automates multi-channel customer experience and can be incorporate with point-of-sale systems. It improves data analysis reduces the chances of errors in calculation. We can measure KPIs that helps us making better decisions.

It allows you to manage stock for future requirements by critical analysis of past sales. With the help better stock management businesses can ensure timely delivery of orders.

Solutions We Provide

Inventory Management

Manage your thousands of products with precise data including stocks, expiry date, low inventory warning, barcoding, and synchronization.

Point of Sale Apps

With POS systems you can enter real-time sales and purchase data and generate invoices automatically.

ERP Systems

ERP software can also be integrated in retails if you require large supply management. We can also customize it according to one’s need.

E-commerce Solutions

Team of web experts are ready to deliver secured E-commerce platforms that helps in product management, payment, sales, and stock management.

Customized Solutions

If you need to incorporate customized software for your retail businesses, we can provide dedicated resource that solely works on it.

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