Corporate Gamification

The Future of Employee Training

The future of employee training definitely lies in immersive learning. This technology has been on the rise in recent times and has driven a massive social impact when it comes to transforming workforce training in corporates.

In addition to that, corporate gamification has become a driving force in the field to help train employees and keep them engaged at the same time. Gamified training essentially refers to the process in which game mechanics are applied to a non-gaming environment. This is done to enhance employee engagement, loyalty, and happiness in the long run. Moreover, it is a great tool to train employees in an office setup.

Significance of Corporate Gamification

Corporate gamification has become a definite game-changer in the field of business management today. It basically deals with the addition of certain gameplay elements to employee training or business targets within a company. This is an amazing way to reduce the extra costs associated with a decline in employee engagement and increase the productivity of working professionals. At its core, gamification is fun. Gamification in employee training is all about ensuring that the daily tasks of employees are fun and engaging while they can stay stimulated through gaming. This adds a much-needed dash of enjoyment to the workplace, boosting employee engagement and ensuring an enhanced training process.

Studies show that at least 10% of employees in a company lose three hours of productivity in a working day that consists of eight hours. These 3 hours are exclusive of breaks and lunches. Getting this time back could be the real benefit for a business as the time lost could be used for retaining resources, generating more revenue and working towards the growth of a company.

With corporate gamification, employee training and engagement strategies can be significantly enhanced, leading to increased turnover, much more productivity, the retention of more customers, and a boost in employee efficiency at the workplace.

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    Are you looking for top-notch gamification services for your enterprise? Well, your search ends here! We are one of the top companies in Canada (Guelph), USA, and India providing gamification services to help companies strengthen their business strategies. Gamifying your interactions with your stakeholders and employees can have a lot of amazing benefits for your business. Our company provides other businesses with the complete corporate gamification solution in a number of domains such as pharmaceutical, education, automotive, banking, heavy industry, oil & energy and much more.

    We help companies by automating and gamifying their entire process, turning boring content into interactive and engaging material to enhance employee training. Since gamification can result in behavioral change, you can count on our services to build performance improvements, having a positive ROI impact on your company in the long run. Furthermore, we also offer full 3D simulation for hotels, retail buildings and residential properties. It is noteworthy that all our corporate gamification solutions are tailored to meet the unique objectives of your business. We keep a close eye on the desired results and develop and deploy personalized gamification solutions for all our clients.

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