AR & VR Solutions

We have extensive experience in Augmented and Virtual Reality technologyand has immense expertise in developing custom solution that includes AR based platform and games along with VR based platform such as: Oculus, Vive, Samsung GearVR, Windows Mixed Reality, Google Cardboards etc.

  • 1

    AR & VR games and platform

  • 2

    Gamification of training

  • 3

    360º virtual tours

  • 4

    3D content creation for VR & AR

  • 5

    Interactive education &training

  • 6

    Real-Estate architecture visualization

Belton is positioned to deliver end-end to solutions of a wide variety of types, scope and complexity. And whatever the underlying scenario, we assure delivery of a dynamic experience your customers, partners and employees are instinctively looking for.

Proven Results

AR/VR | The Ulterio Room

AR/VR in Architecture

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