IT and Supply Chain Integration

Supply chain management (SCM) is concerned with the flow of products and information between supply chain members’ organizations. Recent development in technologies enables the organization to avail information easily in their premises. These technologies are helpful to coordinates the activities to manage the supply chain. The cost of information is decreased due to the increasing rate of technologies. In an integrated supply chain where materials and information flow in a bi-directional.

  • 1

    Impacting the entire organisation, in every domain

  • 2

    Grab (profitable) pieces of the T&L value chain

  • 3

    A new way of collaboration in the sector

  • 4

    Changing T&L stakeholder behaviour and expectations

  • 5

    A digital strategy based on ‘think big – start small

Expertise We Offer

Organise all daily operations

Get all your data on a single platform

Improved cost control reduced fuel costs

Easily track all your vehicles

Know the parameters of all your vehicles

Control fleet maintenance operations

Set your KPIs

Get valuable insights on key metrics

Create orders in a few clicks


Improve customer service

Accurate estimation of the revenue

Transportation agreements

Аutomated reminders on key deadlines

Base Rate, Carrier select & match pay

Logitility planning solution

Reduced paper work

Improved tracing and expediting

Benefits of IT application

Client transparency








Stop Talking and Start Acting

Applying and using new technologies creates required momentum with people within an organisation and clients. In order to do this, at Mazars, we can provide our clients with a proof of concept through our own competence centers (e.g. Analytics, RPA) that we have in place.

In digital transformation the challenge is not in the technology; it is the people and managing the business and process changes in the organisation.

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