Why Leading Businesses Prefer React JS for Web Development?

When it comes to web development, there are certain primary things that every businesses need. That is speed, functionality, usability, and performance.

React JS is a library of javascript that is developed by Facebook. It is open-source platform, so it becomes easy to fix bugs and highly reliable for developers.

Below are some primary reasons to choose react js over other languages:

1) Cost Effectiveness

React JS has an excellent capability of code reusability. Developers can re-use code built for individual elements and can use it for multiple component of website. This helps in improving speed of react js web development.

Moreover, with react js you just need to write single code for both iOS and Android platform. Its maintenance cost is also low to develop large applications like Facebook and Instagram.

Hence, it is easy to develop similar kinds of application within less time. This reduces the cost to the clients.

2) Increased Productivity

As mentioned earlier, reusability of react js can widely impact speed of development process. It reduces developer’s time and simplify process. Thus it improves productivity.

There are many plugins and tools available to improve productivity. Some of them are Redux Dev Tools, React Dev Tools, Storybook, React Slingshot, Guppy and Bit.

After implementing react js, developers at Twitter have seen massive improvement in its functionalities and productivity.

3) SEO Friendliness

React JS is the most preferable when it comes to speed. Due to singe way data binding its speed is much more higher than conventional development languages.

Page loading speed is also one of the key ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. The higher you web page loads there are more chances for your website to rank in top 10.

Corporate giants understand the importance of SEO, hence they mostly prefer framework with advanced technology. 

4) Robust Coding Structure

Websites developed with react js offers one of the best coding structure. Any modification in single element of web application doesn’t affect entire application. Hence, it provides better code stability.

For smoother performance react js development service providers also uses plugins and tools as mentioned earlier.

Here is code structure guide for for your reference. With robust coding structure, there is also an added advantage of flexibility for developers. Changes in the application can be done easily with the help of code flexibility.

5) Mobile App Development

React native is another element of react js library. With react native businesses can develop mobile version of web application. React native is great for native look and feel across different devices and browsers.

There are many examples of successful incorporation of react js at global level. Some of them are Airbnb, Paypal, NYT, Tencent, Tesla, and BBC.

With many features react js becomes one of the most popular Javascript library for front-end development.


Hope you have got better insights of react js. In this blog, I have tried to deliver our years of expertise to simplify it. If you have any comments or addition feel free to reach out us. Belton is among the leading service provider for react js and react native development. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have same requirement.

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