How We Do Quality Assurance Testing for Your Software?

Whether it’s an IT or non-IT product, quality is critical. Quality, Efficiency, and Maintenance are the three pillars that determine how long your software will last. Quality is important to us as a professional software development firm.

As a result, we’ve implemented a cognitive framework for detecting even modest software flaws.

If quality testing is done correctly, developed software can provide several advantages to clients. Improved productivity, efficient operations, data security, increased reporting, and cost savings are just a few of them.

So, let’s get into how we actually make it.

1) Understanding Client's Brief

Belton recognises the need to provide an agile development process and set up testing in accordance with the client’s requirements. To prevent serious quality concerns at the start, QA professionals works closely with the development team.

We built a QA testing procedure that aids throughout and after the bespoke software development process using a set of tools, technology, and resources.

2) Execute the Process

Once we’ve defined the initial requirements, we test on a modest scale to ensure there are no flaws in the procedure.

Then we perform QA testing on the full software development process. We received bug alerts and issues both during and after QA. As a result, we’ve established an effective bug-reporting mechanism.

3) Resolve Bugs & Errors


After identifying problems, the QA team passes them on to the development team. A group of expert software developers collaborates closely to eliminate the faults and their ramifications in other areas of programming.

To avoid recurrence of the same bugs, we also re-test the fixed errors. This improves the quality and long-term value of our software.  Without solving errors we do not launch or deploy software for any client.

4) Re-Run QA Process

Even though there is no bug reported, we re-run QA process to entire software. This not only helps in developing flaw-less software but also improves client’s satisfaction level.

During this process, we also keep track of every bug that is reported. This is something we’ll keep in mind for future development projects. This mindset has helped us establish ourselves as a trustworthy bespoke software development firm in the United States and India.

Our engineers and QA team professionals are dedicated for bug-free software development. We move to the deployment stage when everything appears to be in order.

5) Post Deployment QA

This procedure takes place following the deployment. It was created with the goal of improving functionality and user experience. To ensure smooth performance for clients, we test it on a different operating system and devices.

Usually, in this phase least bugs are reported . Although, as with all of the preceding stages, we take this into account. We also take client input, which we consider to be quite helpful.


We are able to give top-notch software solutions thanks to the aforementioned QA testing procedure and QA professionals. We built this technique based on years of experience in the industry and a diverse portfolio. Belton Technolab is a company where you can rely on if you need custom software developed for your organization. Also, kindly let us know your feedback on this blog.

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