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Custom Solutions

Belton aims at being a keeper Solutions supplier. The company vision is to produce keeper M Commerce solutions to alter them to use this technology for bigger management potency at less price or source for his or her selling or operational programs.M Commerce Infrastructure integrates with numerous front applications like e-purse, Bill Payment, paid high up Vouchers, slot machine operation, e Governance and plenty of a lot of third party applications being offered by numerous organizations / aggregators / money institutes and telcos.

We offer completely different sort of Readers / Terminals, Devices and customised Machines to support M Commerce applications.

  • 1

    Cellular/Telecom Service Suppliers

  • 2

    Banking and Financial Institutes

  • 3

    Government Organizations

  • 4

    Food and Beverage Firms

  • 5

    Loyalty Suppliers

“They worked hard, made attention to the dynamic of our whole project and good deal. The company was able to address all our concerns and provide a quality solution in the timely manner.”

With Belton, you’ll simply develop your own branded on-line ordering mobile apps and publish on Google Play and iTunes app stores. This permits you to require orders through mobile phones, promote apps freely through social media, medium or the other means that, send push notifications, produce engagement and increase your sales.

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