Understanding Blockchain

There are enough new technologies today that it can be hard to keep up with all of them. One technology that is leaving a lasting mark is blockchain. The technology behind the ever-popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (and every other cryptocurrency), is quickly becoming a household name. Here is a brief look into blockchain technology, how it works, and what kind of innovations businesses can use to make it work for them.

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    Finding advantages in blockchainy.

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    Managing data and digital assets.

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    Protection of critical data.

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    Digital property ownership.

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    Smart incorporation.

Smart incorporation.

Data sharing

The decentralized framework of a blockchain provides organizations.


Each transaction is reliably stored so that both parties have transparent access

Cloud storage

A blockchain-based token system can provide organizations of all sizes .

Access control

Setting up a token-based system, you can streamline access.


Blockchain-based payment constructs have the potential to process error-less.

Smart contracts

Ccould conceivably store this information on the blockchain, removing any doubt.

The Blockchain-Enabled SSI Solution

The recent advent of distributed ledger technology (DLT) known as blockchain, however, has now made possible a means of immutably binding an entity to its digital representation at scale — securely and cost effectively via a shared ledger.

This ledger-based identity binding is called self-sovereign identity because no third-party certification authorities are required to certify, issue and bind entities to their immutable digital identity.

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